The international airport of El Catey (AZS) is situated only 20 minutes from Las Terrenas. It has numerous flights weekly, including flights from New York with Jet Blue, several flights per week from Canada with Air Canada and Westjet and numerous others. At this time there is no regular bus transportation between the airport and Las Terrenas. If you choose to hire a taxi, the prices normally range between $80 and $90 one way. Do make sure to tell the driver to take the toll road, as it is very well mainteined and saves you about 25 minutes in travel time. If you choose to book the transfer through us, the price for up to four people is $70, and for five or more it’s $80.

The other nearest international airport is in Santo Domingo (SDQ). It’s two hours away from Las Terrenas by a very well maintained toll highway. The taxi prices normally range between $190 and $220 one way. Another option is taking a bus, which costs less than $10. Unfortunately, the bus does not stop at the airport, but is about 10 minutes away by taxi. The taxi ride to the bus stop will cost you around $15. If you choose to book a transfer through us, the cost for up to four people is $170, four to six is $170. Transfers for larger groups can be also arranged.

If you choose to rent a car in SDQ and drive here yourself, be aware that the cost of fuel is quite high, around $6 per gallon. The road to Las Terrenas is a toll road with five toll stations totaling around 1000 pesos one way. You must have local currency on hand to pay for the tolls. The gas stations generally do accept credit cards, but it’s recommended to pay cash. Car rentals are somewhat cheaper in Santo Domingo than in Las Terrenas.

Please be aware that the taxis do not have meters, so the price should be agreed upon before you get in to it.

In-town transportation

There are no scheduled route buses. The town is not very large, generally most places are walking distance, of course depending on where your accommodations are located. You can choose to hire a “concho”, a sort of motorcicle taxi. The prices per ride normally vary between 40 and 100 pesos. Try to have the exact change on hand.

There are numerous rental agencies in town, you can rent anything between a small scooter and an SUV. If you don’t have much experience on a motorcycle, it’s not recommended renting one, as the traffic can be quite hectic and disorganized.

Please let us know if you’d like us to arrange a rental for you or recommend an agency.

Money and currency

It is best to have some $US once you arrive here. There are several exchange agencies and banks where you can exchange them for pesos. If you choose to pay in a store or restaurant with $US, the exchange rate will not be very favorable. There are several ATM’s where you can withdraw money, of course in local currency. We suggest you notify your bank about your travel plans, so that your cards are not cancelled mid-trip.

The credit card payment method is very limited. The only major supermarket in town, Lindo, does accept credit. Debit generally does not work there. There are a few restaurants that accept credit also, but generally it is cash only. It is recommended as a safety precaution not to flash large wads of cash.

Shopping, restaurants and night life

The town of Las Terrenas has a very sizable European population. Because of that there are numerous great restaurants featuring French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Dominican fare. It is best to explore the dining options yourself, but if you’d like some recommendations about our favorite restaurants, we’ll be more than happy to provide some suggestions.

For now, the supermarket featuring the larges grocery selection is Lindo. Another major chain supermarket is supposed to open in 2015. There are many smaller stores for fresh produce, fish, meat, etc. You can purchase catch of the day right off the boat also. We can provide you with recommendations if needed.

There are numerous options for a night on the town. The major night clubs are La Bodega, Gaia, Amazon and Replay, where it’s generally a mix of locals and tourists. There are some places oriented mostly toward locals that can be quite interesting. Also, many restaurants have live music and/or professional dancers some nights, mostly Fiday and Saturday nights.