– Los Haitises and Taïno park
– Whale watching in Samana
– Half day ATV excursion
– El Limon waterfall
– Fronton and Rincon beaches: best snorkeling!
– Trekking along the coffee trail
– Catamaran with snorkeling
– Cayo Levantado ( Bacardi Island)

– Deep sea fishing
– Zip Lining
– Airport transfer
Transfer airport – Las Terrenas

Los Haitises and Taïno park:

Visit the caves where Taino indians used to dwell. There are still pictographs and cave drawings dating back to XVI century. The tour also includes enjoyment of the magnificent scenery of the Haiteses National park, mangroves and bird watching.

Trips:      Wednesday & Saturday,  8:00am to 4:30pm

You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, camera, rain gear
Included: transport from your hotel, entrance to both parks, tour guide in english, lunch and refreshments
Price: RD$ 3,000 / US$ 70 / € 55 per person

Children under 12 half price, Children under 2 free

 Whale watching in Samana:

Only permitted from Jan. 15 to March 15. Don’t miss your chance to witness the humpback whale mating ritual as some of the 40 ton mammals launch themselves out the water. An unforgettable experience.

Half day trip: Tuesday & Thursday, 8:00am to 2:00pm
You will need: sunglasses, sun cream, camera, rain gear
Included: transport from your hotel, tour guide in english, entrance to the whale sanctuary, refreshments on board
Price: RD$ 2,700 / US$ 65 / € 50 per person

Full day with lunch on Cayo Levantado every Sunday
Price: RD$ 3,400 /US $ 80 / € 60 per person

Children under 12 half price, Children under 2 free

Half day ATV excursion:

This trip is suitable for everyone, even people with no quad experience. The tour avoids the main roads and takes you through the countryside where you can witness the spectacular  scenery, from lush mountains to azure ocean. There are stops for swimming/cooling down on a deserted beach and a cool spring.

Trips:      Tuesday and Thursday,  8:00am to 1:00pm
You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, rain gear
Included: transport from your hotel, 1 quad bike for 2 persons, refreshments
Price: RD$ 2,500 / US$ 60 / €45 per person riding tandem or US$ 90 riding solo.

El Limon waterfall:

A must do in Las Terrenas! A horseback ride to a 50 meter high waterfall where you can go for a swim in the natural fresh pool below. This excursion can also be done on foot, providing you are in a good physical shape and have a sturdy pair of shoes. Lunch included.

Trips:       every day,  8:00am to 1:00pm
You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, sturdy shoes, rain gear
Included: transport from hotel, entrance to the park, horse, lunch with refreshments, tip for horse handler
Price on horseback: RD$ 2,000 / US$ 50 / € 40
Price on foot: RD$ 1,700 / US$ 45 / € 35

You can reach the ranch by own car. Cost of excursion on horseback RD$ 1,250

Fronton and Rincon beaches: best snorkeling!

The boat will take you from the small fishing town of Las Galeras to two beaches accessible only by boat, Fronton and Madama. These beaches are among the best suited for snorkeling as they sport a variety of fish and extensive coral reefs. Then, off to Playa Rincon, voted to be one of 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by Conde Nast Traveller. Lunch is seved on Playa Rincon.

Trips:      Monday & Friday,  8:00am to 6:00pm
You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, hat
Included: transport from your hotel, tour guide, snorkeling equipment, lunch (lobster, fish or chicken) and refreshments
Price: RD$ 3,800 / US$ 90 / € 70 per person
Children under 12 half price, Children under 2 free

Trekking along the coffee trail:

Peaceful hike through Dominican countryside, where you get to see the coffee plantations and many different fruit trees. Includes a stop for tasting home ground coffee, artisan style cocoa, wild honey and seasonal fruits. You also get to see a local rubber factory and a cashew plantation. Buffet style lunch is included. The hike lasts approximately 2.5 hours and is suitable for everyone in a reasonably good health.

Trips:      every day, 8:00am to 2:00pm for group of minimum 4 persons
You will need: sun cream, comfortable shoes (sneakers will do), backpack, rain gear Included: transfer from your hotel, tour guide, lunch with refreshments
Price: RD$ 2,000 / US$ 50 / € 40

Children under 12 half price

Catamaran with snorkeling:
Cayo Levantado ( Bacardi Island)

A short 45 minute trip to Samana where you board a large catamaran. Sail through the Samana Bay to Cayo Farola where you get to enjoy some great snorkeling. Then, it’s off to Cayo Levantado for lunch. Some time to enjoy the white sandy beach, and then off to do some more sailing before arriving back to Samana at 4:30 PM.

Trips:      every day, 8:00am to 5:30pm with a group of minimum 12 adults
You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, hat
Included: transfer from hotel, tour guide, snorkeling equipment, lunch (chicken or fish) and open bar with local drinks and fruits on board
Price: RD$ 3,800 / US$ 90 / € 70

Children under 12 half price, Children under 2 free

Deep sea fishing: 

A crew of experienced Dominican fishermen takes you to try your luck in catching mahi-mahi, albacore tuna, sailfish, marlin, yellow tuna or other species depending on the season.

Rate per boat (1 to 4 max fishermen): 4 Hours – (8.30am to 12.30pm) – US$ 500

Professional outfit provided (Shimano and Penn)
Refreshments (water, coca-cola) and sandwiches on board included

Zip Lining:

Eleven cables stretching from one hill to another allow for spectacular views of the river, waterfall and valleys. Very safe German system approved by USA. Suitable for everyone. Trip includes a dip in Lulu waterfall, light lunch and refreshments

Outings every day, 8:00am to 2:00pm (minimum of 6 persons)
You will need: swimsuit, towel, sun cream, sturdy shoes
Included: transport from your hotel, refreshments and sandwich
Price: RD$ 3,800 / US$ 90 / € 70
For children: RD$ 3,000 / US$ 70 / € 55

Airport transfer
Transfer airport – Las Terrenas

Personalized transfers with our trusted driver.  This service is available all hours, even for late night arrivals. Our driver will deliver you to your hotel safely in the comfort of our minibus. Our van can take up to six passengers with luggage. Other vehicles are also available for larger groups.